Frequently Asked Questions

With the program’s built-in support for 22 languages (click the Globe button), we obviously have big plans for spreading the  Photo Creations magic around the world.  Clicking on the (Globe button) also gives you the ability to change the measurement units.

In most cases, orders process so fast that there isn’t time to change them, but our customer support staff will do its best to help you perfect your order.

You can create and save projects onto external devices to share with friends.  Although you cannot take the external drive to a local store and print them, you can print many projects from your home computer or choose the ‘pick up at store’ option and then click ‘print and order’ and your order will automatically come to the Creative Photo Lab

Yes , we have can deliver to your door within 2-5 days , If you live/work within the Southern Suburbs Area then Delivery is Free , otherwise we Charge R79.00 For Delivery , Nationwide.

(We also have a international courier service available , please contact us for more info)

We add new themes as often and regularly as possible. In the last few months we added holiday and business themes.

In general, you can move pages by dragging them left or right in the scrolling list at the bottom of the screen.
Tip: If you click the lock icon between pages to unlock them, you can drag each half of a page spread independently and after dragging the pages to the correct places remember to re-lock the lock which appears in between the pages.

You’ll find tinting and other creative effects in the Touch-Up tools section of the software. Under the Touch-Up tools there are options such as Airbrush, Photo Tints or Transparency. Try the copy-to-background command as well.

The software also runs on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.5 and newer.

You can click the Info & Prices button to the left of the main picture when any product is selected to see product information, sizing, and options.

Yes, the software gives you a lot of creative features to add, format and edit text. Just click Add Text Box and position it where desired. You may drag the box to other areas of your page if you want to change its position. Use the adjustment arrows to rotate the text or make the box smaller.

Many older images on Facebook are low-resolution, meaning they’re too small to print clearly. If you want to use your Facebook images in a photo creation, but you see the little yellow warning triangle on a photo in your layout, just reduce the size of the photo until the warning sign disappears.

BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG (JPEG) are all supported and the program will not allow the loading of any other file types.

Feel Free to Call us on 021 7014001 or Email , or you can Post a Question on our Facebook Page